Difference Between FTL and LTL Trucking


There are a couple of options that can be chosen when transporting goods which will be provided to you by your chosen trucking company. And FTL and LTL are the options that I am talking about. However, between these choices, it is the latter that abbreviates for Less Than Truck Load that has amassed more interests.

FTL is the complete opposite of LTL which means Full Truck Load. It is imperative to understand what FTL first is in order to understand fully what LTL shipping is. When you are shipping goods via FTL, this indicates that you will be hiring a courier company to move goods. They will not have any property that belongs to other clients that’s loaded on the same truck where they move your items on.

On the other hand, LTL shipping works on a different concept. What’s done here is that, the delivery company will do the best they can to ensure that every space inside the truck is filled with other client’s items. It is combining shipments from clients who ship in the same direction, even if the goods just have to go in that route for part of the trip. By putting shipments which belong to other parties in a single load, this is providing multiple benefits to customers who are patronizing the Newburgh LTL trucking service.

One of the benefits provided by LTL shipping has to do with the cost associated to it. Less Than Truck Load shipping saves money for those that need shipping firms as almost every cost associated with shipment is being shared. When shipping with Full Truck Load however, you’re the only one paying for all aspects of that shipment. Due to the fact that clients share the cost with LTL, they don’t have to pay what FTL clients have to. There are cases to which FTL shipping might be an option when LTL shipping is not possible. In most cases, LTL shipping is what preferred the most by clients.

There are a lot of people who are recommending to use LTL shipping when the weight of the items to be shipped range between 100lbs. to 10,000lbs. If ever the shipment exceeds the maximum figure, then that is the time when trucking companies might require you to take FTL option. In the upper end of LTL though, the companies will provide you such option. If you are someone who needs to ship an item urgently, then that is when you can take full advantage of FTL shipping. Of course, you have to understand as well that there are some drawbacks for this option like the fact that it will be only you who have to shoulder all costs that are associated with the shipping and even end up paying empty spaces in the truck, find out more by clicking here now!


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